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Outsource your company complete SEO & SEM Strategy to Costa Rica for a fraction of the avarage cost.

Own your data. Own your business.

Your business should gravitate around your website. There you own your data. Therefore you can create the content your clients want and need from you. SEO is more than Search Engines is a complete business strategy.

Build your own SEO/SEM plan

Full Online Audit

Know what you have. What you are doing right, What is wrong and if you are missing chances.

Monitoring and Planning

Focus on your brand and job. We take care of the monitoring, analysis and planning.

Content Creation

To write a Blog is labor intensive focus on your business the funnel the clients with top content

Visitors to Revenue

Turn your traffic to revenue either by affilite programs or by improving contact and selling.

UX/UI (RE)Design

Design or redesign your website base on best practices and your clients behaviour.

Speed Optmization

Increase your speed, optimizing your hositng, images and platforms.

Search Engine Ranking

Win at SEO. Rank on the top search results, apply several strategies according to your needs.

Authority Builder

Create or maintain a reputation, build authority and get referred by authority sites.

With the best tools on the market.

We used the best tools in the market because you deserve them.

How does it work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the constant drive and push to rank high on Search Engines. The algorithms are always chaging and adapting or so should your site and content. We run detailed evaluations of your site, business models and nich and develop strategies according to your goals and needs. Our process is design to be as non intrusive as possible, we do not have to have high level access to your assets. 

1. Know your business and improve (SEO Audit)

First we do a indept audit of your business online assets. We want to know your web core metrics. This are the SEO Vitals. The first parameters the search engines look for before recomending a site as a search result. 

Among this are: PageSpeed, Platform, Hosting Plans, CDN, Site Map, Bounce Rate, Back links, User experience (UX), User Interface (UI), GDPR. 

If your company already have this metrics that’s amazing the process speeds up. If it does not don’t worry we can set the tools to collect them. 

You can hire this service alone or in a SEO Bundle… This info is extremely useful. Either you want to continue your SEO plan or just keep the info for decision making. 

2. Know your nich and competitors (Research)

Now the detective work begins. We need to know your nich. We will develop an strategy this includes an in-depth analysis of your competitors. As well as  opportunities and similar nich analysis. 

Here we start setting your goals according to the data we gattered. Increase affiliate links, increase ROI, develop SEM Campaigns, focus on Map Optimization or into Search Results, focus on content creation. (Any, many or all) We ‘ll advice… You decide

Once again you can hire this service or in a SEO Bundle.


3. Let's GO! (Optimization)

Now we can start optimizing. SEO is a constant process, it is as much part of the marketing strategy as keep your store and office clean. The nicest and tidiest it looks the more confidence will insipre. And the more recommendations and referals you will get.

Again SEO is a process and success is measure by data…We measure success in trimesters. But we gatter date daily and use it to drive our decisions and strategy.

We can work on several fronts and strategies at the same time… As a matter of fact SEO works better when we use an holistic approach. That means for example creating content, aking for guest posts, building authority and creating backlinks as part of an ROI or Ranking Strategy.


We are not alone and neither are you. Our partners will take care of design, marketing, native code development, cyber security, among others. 


We got top results in several high transit niches powering topics about Costa Rica. Even got some important back links with H.A.R.O
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We reach in excess of 3.000.000 people during a 1 month SEM Campain for our Sarchí Furniture Expo 2022 the first event after the Pandemic.
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